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Is there anything more entrancing to us, then singing? Glued to our televisions, watching the various reality TV shows of young and old alike expressing through their voices. What if we could all sing?

Did you know that four out of five primary English vowels will be out of tune without some kind of structural intervention? Add the counterintuitive body mechanics associated with singing, and it is no wonder, that many of us truly believe it isn't possible to sing with ease.

But, bel canto offers us insight into the truth, and once understood, we're a short leap away from creating fabulous results.

Reach back with me to the early 1800's, before Operatic Arias exploded with power, and we will find a fundamental singing approach perfect for today's singer offering us, control, accuracy, rejuvenation, vocal health and effortless, free sound!

In often less than 30 minutes, you, too, can experience your own beautiful voice and and claim it for the rest of your life! 


Speak with beautiful quality!

If you are a public speaker or corporate executive who wants to deliver heightened confidence and control,  strengthen and improve the overall quality of your speaking voice with bel canto!

Struggle with vocal anomalies, like spasmodic dysphonia, pre-nodule conditions or are post surgery? Bel canto can provide a safe pathway back to rejuvenation and vocal health.

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What is Bel Canto?

The words mean "beautiful singing," the clear, free tones originating from the Italian singing technique that was the standard of vocal production from 1800 to 1840 and pre-dates what we now think of as an Operatic, vibrato laden sound.

Bel canto offers the contemporary singer vocal stability that can last a lifetime, just ask Tony Bennett!

Bel Canto History

A Cappella & Barbershop

There's a reason this orientation is really good for a cappella and Barbershop singers.

Virtually vibrato-less sound, with intrinsic, relentless legato and absolute accuracy in intonation. Learn how to synchronize your voice with others, creating a higher level outcome, whether for competition, recording or the  performance stage!

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Our Mission

Our mission is to educate, empower and enable others to claim and share their voice through the transformational impact of bel canto understanding.


"Before reading this book I read "How to Sing"
written by Lilly Lehmann and while that information is extremely valuable, one would be advised to
read The Bel Canto Buzz
for a more clear and concise understanding."

— William on

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From Broadway to Barbershop

Whether you are a solo singer or love to make those barbershop chords ring, bel canto will transform your experience of singing forever.