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Debra's approach to bel canto methodology gives higher health-based results to singers, speakers, corporate execs and those who use their voices full-time, like teachers and communication professionals! 


Individual online private lessons

$120/hour — Currently, Debra's hourly rate for a one-hour private online session via Zoom, the free, low latency (no lag) video conferencing application. Schedule your appointment conveniently via our website!

$65/half-hour — If you prefer a shorter lesson time, you can book increments of half-hour online sessions, as well.

small Group online sessions

$25/session — These are online group sessions of up to 8 people at a time via Zoom. Currently, bel canto basics and bel canto for the barbershop singer are being offered through our Booking page.

Barbershop chorus coaching

BHS, SAI & HI Coaching — Bel canto offers a fun and easy way to stabilize some of the predominant singing issues we face in the Barbershop Style.  Intonation, air management, legato connection, vocal agility and overall expanded, resonant sound, is all a focus in this work. Find out why synchronized singing has never been easier! Debra is available for on-site evening rehearsal coaching and also weekend retreats. Contact us for more information on fees and availability!

Maui Barbershop Festival

First Time Bringing Barbershop Singing to Maui! — Designed for the singer who wants to experience a cappella four-part harmony in a safe and supportive immersion experience. Join us for a three-day, four-night adventure by the sea at the Wailea Marriott Beach Resort & Spa. Go to: www.barbershopfestival.org.

Chorale & Church Choir instruction

Online & In-Person — Chiaroscuro means light-dark in Italian, the bel canto approach brings forward placement with full balanced resonance, accurate tuning and effortless tone to the choral singer. And, if you feel like you are losing control of your instrument, due to vibrato or exacerbated breathing issues, bel canto can help. It rejuvenates the mature voice and will bring more beautiful, unified, effortless quality to the overall sound of your group.


vocal intensives on maui (Oct-Dec 2017)

Private Vocal Immersion Experience — If you would like to make a quantum leap in your ability to access your beautiful voice, whether for singing or speaking, consider booking Debra Lynn for a supportive one-on-one experience, set in a relaxing retreat environment. Contact us for pricing and information! 

Group Vocal Immersion Experiences — Set in a relaxing and safe environment, join a maximum of 12 students as we delve into our vocal challenges and just as easily diminish them through the principles of bel canto.  Contact us for pricing and information!

Corporate management intensives

Online & In-Person — As a Corporate Executive, you rely on your voice to support your leadership demands. Bel canto offers a unique opportunity to stabilize, enhance, control and expand your impact. Contact us today for a free consultation!

Public speaking online seminars

Small Group Online Sessions — Designed for the Professional, who may be facing challenges with their voice. Breathiness, strength, control, quality and impact are all enhanced by the use of bel canto principles. If you are a Public Speaker, or anyone who uses their voice for in their work, and desires a more effective speaking voice, contact us for a free consultation today!

vocal anomalies - spasmodic dysphonia

$120/hour —More and more frequently, we are seeing problematic speech-related challenges. These can range from vocal nodules, pre-nodule conditions, polyps and laryngeal reflux to the disorders associated with spasmodic dysphonia. Bel canto offers healing solutions to these issues by retraining the breathing mechanism to work in alignment with proper fold closure and control.