“In today’s world...really learning how to sing 8 shows a week, 52 weeks a year, without losing or damaging one’s voice is something bel canto can and does teach!”
— Anthony Hehir, Professional Singer in UK

Happy Clients


"She did exactly what I needed her to do, she fixed my voice! If your car is not running right, you take it to an auto mechanic; if your voice has an issue, take it to Debra Lynn!"

— Brent Graham

"I have worked with a number of voice teachers, but none of them have ever been able to correct my throaty, limited range voice. Your book is a Godsend. I feel like my voice is soaring!"

— Jerry Schmidt

"Debra Lynn brings new light to vocal alignment. Anyone who desires freedom from tension and clear tones should treat themselves to her approach. If you don't like it, I'll give you your money back!

— Denis LaFlamme

"Debra Lynn's coaching has made me a better quartet singer and brought my quartet to a higher level. As a speech pathologist, her methods support healthy, efficient singing, that all singers could benefit from."

— Jennifer Winston,MS,ccc-slp


"The one online session with you significantly changed our sound for the better - we all hear it and we're holding pitch on songs that we've heretofore flatted pretty consistently. Amazing stuff!"

— Rick montgomery

"In just six sessions with Debra, she greatly helped me with my spasmodic dysphonia. I have greater control and freedom with my voice. Not only is Debra one of the best vocal coaches I’ve had, she is highly intuitive. She brought to my attention ways of being that were preventing me from freely expressing and gave me powerful vocal exercises that helped me talk more effortlessly. 

— jen p.

"Your coaching was a huge mile stone for us! I know we had other coaching, but, the techniques and skills you gave us, stayed with us the entire way."

— Theo hicks

"I recommend some quality time with Debra Lynn. (I) addressed excessive vibrato and raspiness with two singers before rehearsal and issues disappeared. Seriously not exaggerating, in 10 minutes max."

— Valerie Clowes